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i wonder if there's a fiberaholics anonymous.

::stares bleakly at the bag of yarn and fabric that needs to be packed::


~ bookshelves. many, many bookshelves for books, notebooks, sketchbooks.
~ cooking space.
~ comfy couch(es).
~ stencils? wall appliques.
~ floating frames.
~ ebony woods, stainless steel, translucence, and cushy pillows.
~ a nice flat-screen. :P
~ a separate mini-fridge for stinky food (crushed garlic, kimchi, shrimp sauce, etc.)
~ decent lamps. i'm looking into led clusters for decorative purposes as well. anyone any good with wiring things? i'm sure i could figure out the circuits myself, but...i'm lazy.
~ floating shelves for pictures. then again, in a rented apartment, i'm not sure how they'd feel about me anchoring things to studs.
~ modern comfort and a lot of light.
~ workspace for knitting, crafting, drawing, etc. who needs a dining room anyway? :P
~ somewhere pretty to put my MASSIVE PEN COLLECTION (debs, i think it's outgrown the hatbox. maybe i should actually start putting my hats in the hatbox?) since muji's opening in new york, maybe i'll buy something from them...
~ tord boontje, i loves you. (modern poverty)
~ shelf-grid!
~ ikea hacking?
~ artwork from jason sho green.
~ frame my own artwork, which is a game i suck at.

muttering shall continue later.
i had a somewhat unsettling experience on the nankai in osaka today.

aaron and i were riding the train today around 4 p.m., and chatting about our plans for vietnam (if anyone else has gone there, feel free to tell me allllll about it, but that's a cheerier topic). around kishinisato-tamade, a blocky, 40-ish man with glasses and the usually fabric briefcase boarded. no big, right? business as usual in osaka.

the minute the man came on and realized we were speaking in english, he began yelling at us, in very rapid japanese. the bf and i were both momentarily taken aback, and stopped talking, at which point the man muttered something in our direction and closed his eyes. so, not having really caught what the dude's deal was (we thought it was possible he thought we were loud...), we started talking to each other again at cell-phone-on-the-train-standing-in-the-corner-with-my-hand-cupping-the-mouthpiece volume with our heads together, when the man started yelling at us again...

my japanese is what i would term "survival," but i caught "eigo!!! shaberimasen yo!!!!" and various other things aimed at "eiiiiiigo!!!!" speaking. it was pretty appalling, and other japanese people on the train were staring at him in what seemed to be a combination of shock/bemusement. i did get a bit riled, but we attempted to ignore him until it started getting louder and louder, at which point i looked at him, and said, "shut up."

i know, i know, not the best tactic, but i was feeling like it would be appropriate to be a asshat gaijin woman right then :P. and then we went back to talking about vietnam. the guy was shocked for a second, and then started screaming "shut up?? SHUT UP???" and yelling in japanese again, and aaron and i just looked at each other in disbelief. i did start laughing uncomfortably, because i simply didn't know what to do, at which point the guy got up, and came directly over to us, and stood in front of us still yelling. he was actually yelling at me personally at this point, and i really felt like he was about to hit me. but, we just stared at him, and i was like..."iie," in response to him telling us to "eigo ni shaberimasen yo (stop speaking english!!")

he yelled at us some more, and then got off at shin-imamiya station, stopping to stand in the doorway of the train to scream.

so yeah. i have no idea what to make of that. we've been here for four months so far, and people have generally been perfectly...normal...people. occasionally rude, occasionally hissy, generally pretty polite, etc. nothing like this before. and usually, when older men scream "american!" at me, it's followed by, "i speak english! let's practice!" which i'm perfectly willing to oblige for a few moments as i wend my way from station to station.

in a sense, it's really marred my enjoyment of japan, leaving me with a bad taste in my mouth and a lingering sense of unease. it was just very uncomfortable, and i felt like...if we were back in dc, there would have been cops waiting for him at the next station or something, you know? it was less reassuring realizing that i didn't exactly have the lingual capacity to ask for help or have any idea what recourse would take should he actually slap me and cause me to provoke an international incident.

on a lighter note, aaron and i theorized he was a disgruntled eikaiwa student.

there were nice things from today, but i can't really prevent myself from dwelling on that one, since it was just so distasteful. i'm hoping a couple of days will dull the sharpness of the experience.


Mar. 1st, 2007

I am nerdier than 70% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

::snort:: i don't know if that's up or down from before.

i guess we'll just have to adjust

to invert/update the last entry a little bit:

- mom out of hospital. yay!
- still far from home.
- boyfriend feels better.
- younger students are more fun.
- computer is on the road to recovery.
- unfortunately, bike is definitely of the stolen.

Jan. 17th, 2007

ugh. i'm just going to emo out a little bit right now.

- mom in hospital.
- far away from home.
- boyfriend sick.
- job uncooperative and right now, very demanding.
- j-high schools are depressing and cold.
- i hate having to yell at people when learning should be enjoyable.
- my long-awaited computer arrived and doesn't. work. i'm at a loss.
- insult to injury: bike was stolen, as i discovered when i got off the train and went to bike home.

i just feel gross. that's all. ok.
holy shit, i just ordered a pizza from pizza hut in japanese.

TORTUROUS (for me, and probably for her). seriously, it took like 20 minutes.
(badly transcribed)

"moshi moshi (unintelligible japanese)!"
"pizza hut desu ka?"
"can i make an order for delivery?"
"(dead silence.) chotto matte o onegaishimasu!" (hold)
"hai, namae desu ka?"
(insert more repetition of how to spell my name, followed by eventual resignation)
"hai, so desu...")
"haaaaai, jusho wa nan desu ka?"
"haaaaai, (insert japanese anh doesn't understand here)"
"uhhhh...order desu ka?"
"oruda...? mo ichido o onegaishimasu."
"haaaaai, yoroshii desu."
"korean bulgogi pizza, medium?"
"orientaru sarada?"
"baked potato (which according to the menu, is actually fries)?"
"...bakee pota...?"
"err. baked. po-te-to? (katakana pronunciation)"
"hai, yarashii(?) poteto"
(insert ensuing five minute thing that i totally didn't understand, but assumed was crust, based on hearing the words "pan," "chiizu (cheese)," "crispy," and "sausage." i think she also asked me if i wanted drinks.)
"sanjuppun arimasu. arigato gozaimasu!"
"arigato! gomen nasai..."
"daijobu desu. do itashimashite."

i mean that anthropologically, of course. although in that regard, i'd have to go on at like, thesis-length discussing how the dichotomy of tradition and modernity in japanese culture is expressed and recycled and that COULD TAKE DAYS and SEVERE EDITING.

seriously. it's simultaneously objectively fascinating and subjectively infuriating. in other news, aaron and i found an outback, and i ate a prime rib. and it wasn't rare, but it was pretty much just like the one in vienna, except when we spilled a cup all over the table, the waiter apologized to US.


and then bowed, repeatedly, while backing away from the table. instead of like, hitting on my boyfriend (makes stabbing motions with steak knife in direction of "steak"). the bread was totalmente inadequate, though. here in japan, we don't believe in your "pumpernickel" crap. that's against the gods. i'm not sure which one, but one of them finds it indigestible. hence!

also, did i make you look at a picture yet? no? let me fix that for you. here are two.

JapanPics 058


yes. also, "ethnic" food here is a bit of a travesty. i may have to learn to make my own ravioli/gnocchi/pita/naan/whatevernonjapanese foods OR I WILL HAVE TO MAIM SOMEONE. seriously, is that an egg in my curry? what's up with that?

conversely though, that foot-and-a-half long hotdog i had at one of the biggest temples in japan on new year's was pretty fuckin' amazing. PICS FORTHCOMING, but not of the hotdog. that got scarfed too quickly. :P

per always :P

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::public notice::

ahem. i did NOT fly 3000 miles around the world to have chicks of any kind, let alone a WHITE chick, hit on my boyfriend. and if it continues, consider yourself warned: I DO PUNCH GIRLS. IN THE FACE.

also in the kidneys cuz i think it's funny when people pee blood.

good lord!